Our Saints and Angels

People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. - Dalai Lama

As Sisters, we vow to be of service to our community, to expiate stigmatic quilt and to spread universal joy.  We do our best to live into these vows and following our callings.  We know, however, this path isn't for everyone and there are other amazing people in our community who we recognize for the outstanding ways they live their lives through their devotion to public service, social activism, and spiritual enlightenment.  We do this by granting Sainthood in the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Sainthood is the highest honour that can be given by the Sisters.

Our Saints have provided us with inspiration and/or assistance essential to our work.  In this humble way we thank them for their outstanding work, commitment, or inspiration to us and others in our communities.  Click here to see the certificate we give to our Saints.

St. Pansy of the Immense Ass
aka: Kevan "Pansy" Gardner
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Tulipa x canadensis
aka:  Germen Terpstra
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Gabriella Patroness of Ambassadors' Wives
aka:  Lloyd Thomas Pritchard
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Bug
aka: Ronnie Curtiss
Sainted:  February 2010

St. SirCumStance
aka: Tyler Tone
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Holly
aka:  Jim Wilson
Sainted:  February 2010

St. Kevin of the One Eyed Monster
aka:  Kevin O'Keefe
Sainted:  October 2011

St. John of Broad Strokes
aka:  John Ferrie
Sainted:  November 2011

St. Barbelle of the Megamouth-ball
aka:  Barb Snelgrove
Sainted:  August 2012

St. Jane See-More
aka:  Janine Fuller
Sainted:  August 2012

St. Slayer of Goliath
aka:  Jim Deva
Sainted: August 2012

St. David of the Infinite Giggle
aka:  David C. Jones
Sainted: April 2013

St. Delphina of the Immaculate Dick Safari
aka: Del Stamp
Sainted: April 2017

There are those who go out of their way to help us with events, logistics, information, and services.  They are our Angels. Any person in the community who has made a major contribution directly to benefit the Abbey.  Their contributions may be in their volunteer time, materials, or financial donations.

"Carlotta Gurl"
Anointed: June 2014

"Jem ThanksJem"
Anointed: February 2015

"Conni Smudge"
Anointed: February 2015

Graham Spence
Anointed: February 2015

Belle Ancell
Anointed: February 2015