Sunday, July 9, 2017

Victoria Pride 2017

Top Row (L-R) Sisters Fancy Pants, Vera Tooche, Coeur Flambé, Teen LaQueefa, Diversity Rains and Lucy Caboose
Bottom Row (L-R) Guard Father May I and Sister Sin Sanity
Photo Credit: Phoenixcinder

It is a double JOYOUS occasion when two Houses come together to celebrate Pride.  The Vancouver Sisters traversed the Haro Straight to celebrate the Victoria Sisters' 1st year as an aspiring Abbey and also their 1st Pride parade.

In 1 short year, the Victoria Sisters grew from a ragtag group of 3 to a bountiful flock of 6.  They are Reverend Mother Vera Tooche, Sisters Teen LaQueefa, Sin Sanity, Coeur Flambé, Lucy Caboose and Guard Father May I.  They are doing wonderful work within their community and are a few steps away from becoming a Fully Professed Abbey.

Vancouver Reverend Mother Diversity and Sister Fancy were honoured to be apart of Victoria's many 1st's and look joyously forward to continuing and building the connections between our 2 Houses.

Victoria Pride was beautifully intimate with so many celebrants lining the streets with every colour of the rainbow and wearing any and all flags that speak to them.  The energy was vibrant and eventually chased the clouds away to let the sun shine in on a wonderful day.

Congratulations Victoria Sisters, well done Victoria Pride and keep on embracing JOY Victoria!

Photo Credit: Phoenixcinder


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