Saturday, May 20, 2017

EPAMA - Coronation 2017

(L-R) Paladin Pebbles, Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Sister Fancy Pants and Sister Tora Wholes

The Imperial Court is proudly represented in Surrey by the Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association (EPAMA).  For this year's coronation celebrations, Courts from Canada and USA came to help the step down of reigning Emperor and Empress and to congratulate the step up of incoming new Emperor and Empress.  The Vancouver Sisters joined in this year's celebration by attending the In and Out-of-town Shows, raised money by hosting the Hospitality Bar and being photographers at the Ball.

EPAMA "is the governing body of the Imperial Soverieign Court of the Empire of the Peach Arch, Surrey, BC, Canada.  Some of their many mandates is to "raise awareness of GLBTQ  community and to fundraise for charities.  Congratulation to Peace Emperor XII Luc Gagne Royale and Arch Empress XII Irene Starr Black on a successful year of fundraising and community service.  

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