Thursday, December 18, 2014

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

How Exciting! Some of the Vancouver Sisters got the opportunity to sing some Christmas carols with international recording star Bif Naked for the Holiday Grocery participants! The Vancouver Sisters were also very pleased to be able to grant $1,000 to the grocery fund this year and now look forward to being a part of such a wonderful annual community event. 

Two Sundays ago Novice Sister Visa Dekline successfully completed her Novice Project by holding a "White Christmas" Singalong at Heaven's Door at 1216 Bute.  Warm coats were collected in lieu of cash donations and Sisters Alma Bitches and Tora Wholes, as well as Paladin pebbles dropped them off at The Gathering Place. Well done Visa!

This past Sunday, Sister Alma Bitches hosted a screening of "Female Trouble" by John Waters at the Heritage Grill in New WestMinster.  The screening took place after the weekly drag extravaganza, "The Drag Show," starring Miz Adrien and friends.  Sister Tora and Alma excelled during their performances by being in extreme poor taste in honour of the "Prince of Puke" and "the filthiest Person alive."

Next up, catch the Sisters carolling at the Rio Theatre for the SHOWGURLZ Christmas Special starring some of Vancouver's top drag talent!  Carlotta Gurl! Jaylene Tyme! Valynne Vile! Just Call Her Heather! Jane Smoker! and of course the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!

What fun will the New Year bring?! Stay Tuned.  xo Sister Alma

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Press Release

The Vancouver Sisters are busier than ever this Holiday Season! Check out this article from on what the Sisters have been up to!

Find the article here!

xo Sister Alma Bitches
Reverend Mother
Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe Society

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tora And Visa’s Excellent Adventure

Hello everyone, this is Novice Sister Visa Dekline and I'd like to share with you some stories from when Sister Tora Wholes and I recently traveled to Regina, Saskatchewan to take part in the Imperial Court of Regina's Coronation. We had a fabulous time! 

We arrived in Regina at 9:00pm, and were met at the airport by the lovely Pup Striker. He brought us home and got us settled, and then we freshened up and changed for the in-town show. This show was our first introduction to the drag community in Regina - and several of them were pleased to finally meet us, as they’d heard quite a lot about us beforehand. Although we weren’t manifested - it was a great opportunity for us to meet some of the people we had been chatting with about the sisters prior to our trip - and to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile. 

Friday night was the out-of-town show - where kings and queens who have travelled to Regina for the weekend have the opportunity to perform and raise money for the reign’s chosen charities. Tora and I manifested this evening - and were escorted by Striker to the event. This was a fabulous evening - we got to meet several members of the local community - as well as those who have travelled from out of town. As I mentioned earlier, several knew of the sisters before either from their travels to other cities, or from the amazing work more prominent sisters like Sister Roma have done, or from having an interest in the sisters themselves. This evening was all about net-working, meeting everyone that was in town for coronation - paying homage to the Emperors and Empresses from other cities, and of course raising money for charity. After the show, Tora and I went to the only gay club in Regina to do a bit of bar ministry. We gave out some of our condom packs, met members of the community who weren’t at coronation, and spreaded the word about our mission. We even ran into some other Vancouverites who had also travelled to Regina for the weekend and are friends of the sisters. 

Saturday was the main event of Coronation. It was a long day - we were required to be at the hotel for 11am to turn in protocol. As invited out-of-town guests - we would be introduced that evening at the main event and the emcees would talk a bit about the sisters and our mission while we were on stage. After turning in protocol and enjoying the fine Saskatchewan hospitality - we headed home to manifest for the big event! I decided to pay respect to Saskatchewan by using the province’s official colours in my makeup that evening - green and gold. I’d also decided to pay homage to their beloved football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders - who were playing that weekend - by adding silver and black accents to my makeup. It turned out great, and Tora looked amazing as always! We made it to Coronation, had reserved seating with the Kink Regina group and invited special guests of the Emperor. Tora and I had our walk early in the evening, and spent the rest of the evening enjoying a fabulous show. One of the highlights of the evening for me was seeing one of the former Empresses come out and perform “Goldeneye” by Tina Turner. She looked just like Tina - everything from the wig, to the legs, to the dress. She also sang like Tina - her voice was so spot on - I could’ve sworn she was lip-syncing but she was actually singing live. It was incredible! After six hours of performances, protocol, and networking - the new Emperor and Empress of Regina and all of Saskatchewan were crowned. Congratulations to Empress 24 China White Sanoir, and Emperor 24 Mitch deBitch Sanoir. I’m sure you will make your community and province very proud! After the coronation festivities, we wound the evening down at the hospitality suite where there was free food and libations, and lots of time to socialize in a more informal environment with the other attendees. It was a great environment for Tora and I to make some more great connections, and talk more about the work we do as sisters. 

Sunday was a much-needed rest day, sort-of. Tora and I (not-manifested) took part in the Regina AIDS Walk for Life, along with Striker and Ray, and the Queen City Pride crew. It was a beautiful day for the walk, and although their walk is MUCH smaller than Vancouver’s - it was nice to be there in support of all the amazing work they do - both in Saskatchewan and Vancouver. That evening was Tuff Drag - where the members of the court who would normally take on male roles (like Emperor, Crown Prince, and Duke) performed as drag queens for the evening. It was highly entertaining - Tora even got up and performed a number! It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend!
Overall, our mission trip was a huge success! We met a number of individuals who are interested in potentially starting a house in Regina, and made good connections with individuals from other cities across Canada where the Sisters could grow and thrive. They’ve now got a well-established fully-professed house from which to gain insight and advice, and we’ve got some fantastic new friends and supporters who will spread the word of the sisters throughout Canada’s heartland. I personally can’t wait to see what happens next!

Sending you love and light!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prayers for a Friend, a Saint and a Community Leader

Photo:  Queer Film Festival, 2008
The Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are holding the friends and family of Jim Deva in our thoughts and prayers.  Jim is one of the Saints of the Vancouver Sisters and earlier tonight we learned that he has died. We pray that the Nuns of the Above shower him in all the glitter and joy he can absorb.  We pray that his family, friends and community are able to support one another during this time of loss and grief.  We pray that our community will learn from Jim's presence and leadership to know that each of us can and must strive to continue to build our community and find ways to support those who struggle for freedom.

Jim was instrumental in our community's development and growth.  He co-created safe space in which we were able to gather, learn and plan the revolution well before it was safe for us to gather.  He, along with his partners at Little Sisters, stood up to the federal government to demand equal treatment for our literature and ourselves.

A brave man dies this week and the Sisters ask everyone to take a moment to send good thoughts to Jim on whatever this next part of his journey is and to all those who loved him that their healing after losing him may be as kind and gentle as possible.  If you are so moved, please join us in lighting a candle to help guide Jim on his way.

Blessings and much love to each and everyone of you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Supermoon Grounding Ceremony

Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in a smudging ritual with Sister Tora Wholes, Cadet Paladin Pebbles, Sister Petunia Encarnata and guests down at the Vancouver AIDS Memorial at Sunset Beach. We were given some "Third Wave Faerie Dust" by our abbey's "Grandmama" Sister Merry Peter of San Francisco and told to smudge it on the next full moon. This Faerie Dust was magical and special since it contained several ingredients that are special and meaningful to us - cedar, sage, pink quartz from the pink triangle memorial in the Castro, wood shavings from the fence in Laramie, WY where Matthew Shepard was left to die, rose petals from Oklahoma City (one of Sister Petunia's first stateside homes), and many other meaningful additions. 

We grounded ourselves, stated our intentions and had a beautiful ceremony that helped us to remember why we are here, what we're working for, and what we hope to achieve with the Sisters. It reaffirmed my decision to join the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and validated the important work that we're doing. We closed the ceremony off by adding some ingredients of our own: some dried rose petals from the base of the AIDS Memorial - to help us remember the many brave men and women who lost the battle before us, and who helped shape the direction of GLBTQI rights in Vancouver and elsewhere. I'm proud to be a Sister - thank you so much Merry Peter for giving us such a special gift!!


Novice Sister Visa DeKline
Sister Petunia Encarnata leads the Grounding ceremony at the bast of the Vancouver AIDS Memorial.