Tuesday, June 28, 2016

East Side Pride!

The Pride Season has started for the Greater Vancouver Area and the Vancouver Sisters were there to help kick it off in style at East Side Pride!  We brought out the popular ISOPI (Instant Sister of Perpetual Indulgence) to raise money for the Vancouver Pride Society and it was a big hit! Sister Festivus and Aspirant Myke were invited on stage and helped judge a Drag Race . . . literally, participants had to run to a bin of clothing and accessories and run back to dress someone else.  Fun!  Novice Sister Fancy Pants stayed with the ISOPI and did her flirtatious best to grow the Sister family, instantly. :)

(L to R - Aspirant Myke Hunt, Sister Festivus Illuminata, ISOPI, Novice Sister Fancy Pants)

Monday, June 20, 2016

STRUT Vancouver 2016

On a cloudy and rainy yet not raining day, the Vancouver Sisters were on hand to help out with STRUT Vancouver, a walk to support LGBT+ refugees (http://strutvancouver.ca/).  This year, STRUT raised over $35,000, including a $1000 donation from the Sisters.  They monies were distributed as grants to Inland Refugee Society of BC (http://inlandrefugeesociety.ca/) and M.O.S.I.A.C (http://www.mosaicbc.com/).  This year was the 2nd Annual Walk-a-thon organised by Foundation of Hope (https://www.facebook.com/Rainbowfoundationofhope/where walking 1 mile along the Vancouver Seawall, from Sunset Beach to the Inukshuk and back, is easier than walking a life time in the shoes of oppressed LGBT+ peoples living in fear in countries where it is still legal to kill someone because they are different than the status quo.

The Sisters were on hand to help bring light and lightheartedness to the event by handing out prizes for Best Heels, Best Team and Best Corporate Team.  Through the clouds, we embodied the power of joy and cheered for STRUT-ers and posed for many photos.

If you weren’t there this year, we hope to see you next year in your most highest and most fabulous heels.

(L-R - Aspirant Amanda, Sister Koo-Koo, Novice Sister Bodice, Novice Sister Fancy Pants and Sister Festivus)

2016 Pride Legacy Awards

The Vancouver Sisters were on hand to help celebrate the Recipients of the 2016 Pride Legacy Awards.

"The Legacy Awards Gala is an awards night to acknowledge individuals who have contributed to the LGBTQ2+ community in Vancouver over the years. There are a series of eight awards all corresponding to the symbolism associated with each colour in the original rainbow flag.

Sister Festivus was part of the Recipient Voting Committee and was also asked to present the Blue Legacy Award for Art to John Ferrie.  John has been a fixture in our community and has donated many of his paintings for auctions to raise money for many organisations.  Coincidently, he is also one of our Saints, Saint John of Broad Strokes.  Check the “Our Saints” tab on our website yvrsisters.ca for information on all of our Saints.  

Sister Diversity and Novice Sister Fancy Pants also helped choose the Random Draw 50/50 Sales.  In the Span of 1.5 hours, we raised $650 in sales from joyfully asking for money in exchange for 6 feet worth of tickets (the height of Sister Festivus, with heels, including wimple).  And L’il Randy was more than happy to get on her knees to rip the tickets for the guests, while bowing at their feet.  Well, she may have enjoyed that too much.  Amazing spirits and thank you to all guests!  The Sisters also chose a surprise second prize of a pair of tickets to Rupaul’s Drag Race Drag Show.

Congratulations to all the 2016 Nominees and Recipients.

(L-R Novice Sister Fancy Pants, Aspirant Amanda, Sister Diversity, John Ferrie, Sister Festivus, Novice Cadet L’il Randy)

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Vollies: A Royal Reception

Positive Living Society of BC invited the Vancouver Sisters to attend their volunteer appreciation event called "The Vollies: A Royal Reception".  The theme was “royalty” and EVERYONE came dressed up as some sort of royalty from different countries to different centuries (King Arthur sitting next to Princess Leia and Emperor Ting?  Crazy!).  We did not have to do anything tonight but just “be” and enjoy and be appreciated for our support of Positive Living.  The spirits were high and many amazing volunteers were recognised with deserved recognition for 20, 25 and even over 30 years of volunteer service!  Many laughs, tears and applause were shared tonight.  The Vancouver Sisters have been around for 6 years now and tonight is an inspiration to continue to do the work and to spread the word with joy for many years to come.  Thank you to (L to R) Sisters Festivus and Diversity, Novice Fancy Pants and Cadet L’il Randy for representing the Sisters tonight.Displaying BC_Royal_Reception_June9_2016.jpg

Thursday, June 2, 2016

STRUT Vancouver Kickoff and Walk 2016!

In May 2016, the Vancouver Sisters attended Foundation of Hope’s fundraiser for STRUT Vancouver.  "STRUT is an annual walk-a-thon that raises funds to support Foundation of Hope's efforts towards charities that actively support LGBT+ refugees & newcomers.”  Tonight we help raise $4000 by selling 50/50 raffles and $20 spa facials.  The event included a fashion show, dance performances and drag performances by Sienna Blaze and Carlotta Gurl.  Simone Says was the auctioneer for a John Ferrie painting raising $1100.  The Sisters also welcomed Sister Gaia from the Los Angeles Abbey.  We were also joined by Soeur Malefiq Volante (Sister Flying Malificent) from the up-and-coming House in Montreal.

Join us on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 11:00 am at Sunset Beach for the STRUT Walk-a-thon.  Come in your fanciest and most fantastical heels and strut for a good cause.  Register at www.strutvancouver.ca or join the Vancouver Sisters team.

See you there!