Sunday, July 9, 2017

Victoria Pride 2017

Top Row (L-R) Sisters Fancy Pants, Vera Tooche, Coeur Flambé, Teen LaQueefa, Diversity Rains and Lucy Caboose
Bottom Row (L-R) Guard Father May I and Sister Sin Sanity
Photo Credit: Phoenixcinder

It is a double JOYOUS occasion when two Houses come together to celebrate Pride.  The Vancouver Sisters traversed the Haro Straight to celebrate the Victoria Sisters' 1st year as an aspiring Abbey and also their 1st Pride parade.

In 1 short year, the Victoria Sisters grew from a ragtag group of 3 to a bountiful flock of 6.  They are Reverend Mother Vera Tooche, Sisters Teen LaQueefa, Sin Sanity, Coeur FlambĂ©, Lucy Caboose and Guard Father May I.  They are doing wonderful work within their community and are a few steps away from becoming a Fully Professed Abbey.

Vancouver Reverend Mother Diversity and Sister Fancy were honoured to be apart of Victoria's many 1st's and look joyously forward to continuing and building the connections between our 2 Houses.

Victoria Pride was beautifully intimate with so many celebrants lining the streets with every colour of the rainbow and wearing any and all flags that speak to them.  The energy was vibrant and eventually chased the clouds away to let the sun shine in on a wonderful day.

Congratulations Victoria Sisters, well done Victoria Pride and keep on embracing JOY Victoria!

Photo Credit: Phoenixcinder

Honouring Our Elders Tea

(L-R) Reverend Mother Diversity Rains, Indigenous Two-Spirit Performer Tyler Jacobs and Paladin 'lil Randy

On Friday, July 7, 2017, the Vancouver Sisters were invited as Keynote presenters at Qmunity's Annual Honouring Our Elders Tea.  In the spirit of highlighting the well-worn path that was paved by our community's predecessors, lives and achievements were celebrated and community members were acknowledged.

Indignous Two-Spirit Performer Tyler Jacobs opened the ceremony with a blessing and spoke of the joy and acceptance of being Two-Spirit in his community.  It resonated with the Elder's as the common narrative in their lives of being LGBT was not accepted.  Tyler presented hope what is still possible for the next generations to follow.

After some delicious high-tea noshes, both 'lil Randy and Diversity took the podium to speak on their geniune desire to become a Sister.  Diversity continued to take questions from the Elders about who and what the Sisters are.  She recited a wonderful Sistory and then proceeded to tie in current events.  The Elders have paved the way for the bright present we have, but the work is not complete.  The future is still to come and work must be done.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day 150 BBQ Fundraiser

(L-R Standing) Reverend Mother Diversity, Sisters Koo-Koo, Fancy, Bodice and Festivus
(L-R Kneeling) Postulants Allan and Ian, Paladin Pebbles
(Not pictured) Sisters Petunia and Tora

No better way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday then by hosting a BBQ fundraiser!

The Sisters have been a part of Vancouver's community for the past 7 years, promulgating JOY and expiating stigmatic guilt by helping out any and every organization and cause that needed support.  On this day, the community showed up and supported the Sisters!

So fitting that on this day, 150 community members came to the Junction and bought a $10 burger/bevy combo helping the Sisters raise over $1500 for their Grant Fund.  Every single penny of this money will be given back to the community to organizations in need.  Love was in the air and it was perfectly grilled and placed in between two toasty buns!  Yummy!

Such amazing thanks to Byron and Clement and the entire Junction team for doing the "heavy lifting" by cooking, barring, serving and bussing.  Your commitment to the community is very inspiring!  THANK YOU!

And many thanks to OUTlook TV for coming by and documenting our burger/bevy JOY fest!

One JOY!  More JOY!  Always JOY!


Sisters at the STANDOut Awards!

The ever effervescent Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence joined us this evening at the STANDOut! Awards. Sister Festivus Illuminata had the prestigious opportunity to act as presenter once again. This year Festivus presented the "Educator" Award to the winner, Idris Hudson.

The StandOUT awards (formerly Legacy Awards) is an awards night to acknowledge individuals who have contributed to the LGBTQ2+ community in Vancouver over the years. There are six broad award categories this year which recognize the individuals who are making changes within the community. 

The Sisters will be selling tickets to the Big Pride 50/50 raffle. Tickets will be sold at every event this season and be drawn on August 15th for a chance to win up to $9,999!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sisters Across the Border

Sister Fancy with the LA Sisters 
(Sisters Barbie Q, Kumonaiwanalaia, Poppy, Dawn, Fancy, Gaia Love, Postulant Fefe, Sister Tootie and Postulant Harlotte)

Sister Fancy Pants went on a trip of a lifetime to California this June 2017.  She joined other Sisters across the Border in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545 mile (877 km) cycle fundraiser from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  AIDS/LifeCycle raises funds for the Los Angeles LGBT Centre and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

This year, 2200 cyclist and Roadies gathered in a Love Bubble that raised over $15 million ($15,166,171 to be exact, of which $3400 was raised by Sister Fancy).  Roadies are volunteers who chose to use their vacation time to help cyclist complete the long trek from SF to LA.

There were many Sisters from SF, LA, TX, OR and YVR.  Sister Fancy joined Sister Gaia from the SF Abbey in manifesting every day of the 7-day ride.  Our manifested faces drew smiles from every cyclist and helped inspired them on their journey.  We were doing "Cycling Ministry".  This reaffirmed that JOY is needed everywhere!!!

Everyone loved our manifestations but little did they know that the magic was in putting our make-up on, in our tents, with compact mirrors, in under 45 minutes.

Day 1 was a great day as the SF Sisters participated at the bottom of a hill called Devil's Slide.  As cyclists headed downhill after a long uphill climb, they were greeted by smiling Sisters feeding them the most delicious strawberries.

One amazing highlight is Day 5, Red Dress Day.  Everyone was encouraged to wear red because part of the route, from a bird's-eye-view, looks like a ribbon.  When all cyclists are on the route, looking from above, it looks like a living red ribbon!  AMAZING!

Especially touching is the Day 6 AIDS Vigil when the LA Sisters joined the Love Bubble and led everyone to the beach.  On this evening, after cycling 80 miles, everyone followed the Sisters to the beach.  Before entering the beach, the Sisters lit everyone's candle as they made their way to the beach to spend as much time as needed to honour those who they've lost.

Finishing the ride was wonderful for Sister Fancy.  She felt the love from newly-friended Sisters as they showed up at the finish line and surprised her with a rainbow Canadian flag.

The following day was LA's Resist March.  After cycling for 7 days, Sister Fancy still put on her 6" stiletto's and marched the 3-mile March with the LA Sisters.  It was a peaceful march full of strength and Sisterhood that sent a message love and determination to be heard!

Everyday was a cry day.  From Orientation day to the last day, tears . . . everyday.  There were so many moving stories of loss and love and survival that it became a natural part of the day to cry.  Which drew even more awe from cyclists because the make-up did not smudge from sweat or tears.

This trip of a lifetime is actually going to be repeated as Sister Fancy is going back next year . . . as a Roadie!  Maybe another YVR Sister will come along?


Postulant Harlotte, Sisters Gaia Love, Leigh Viticus, Dulce De Leche, Kumonaiwanalaia, Dominion and Fancy