Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sister's March for those in Russia who can not

Happy PRIDE!!! If you have come to our website because of our web addressed signs from the Vancouver PRIDE parade and would like to know more about what is happening to the LGBTQ community in Russia please feel free to visit these links:

Thank you for your time and showing that you care about all people no matter where they are from.

One Joy, More joy, Always Joy!
Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fundraiser for Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre

On June 22nd, the Sisters are proud to support a fundraiser for the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre, a low barrier health centre providing services to transgendered and gender diverse people.  We hope you'll join us!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reconciliation begins with me - By Sr. Petunia Encarnata

Who would have thought that this queer nun was going to be involved in an amazing and incredible journey of reconciliation created by the resilient Aboriginal Communities in Canada?  Being both a non-aboriginal individual and a recent immigrant to Canada make me a foreigner in this land.  From my experience at the LGBT-Two Spirit Reconciliation Dialogue on April 15 and 16, I now also realize that the Aboriginal communities have welcomed me and all of us from other land through their generous spirit of family and friendship.  I also became aware that the beautiful Land in which I chose to live on for the rest of my life has been part of the First Nations territories long before the Europeans arrived and colonized the Americas.  I honour this fact and I am grateful for this awareness. 

My passion for reconciliation work surprised me.  A few days before the reconciliation dialogue was held, I received an email from Sr. Merry Q. telling the abbey members that we had been invited to a reconciliation dialogue for the LGBT-Two-Spirit Aboriginal Community by Reconciliation Canada, the agency under the umbrella of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

Reconciliation Canada ( is conducting a series of Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops across the province to engage Canadians in dialogue that provides a safe environment to revitalize relationships, raise awareness, and provide a safe environment to explore reconciliation. By attending this workshop, we will be part of the positive change which is created by strengthening relationships among diverse groups such as the LGBTQ2S community.
“The Vancouver Sisters,” reads the invitation letter, “were selected as a candidate for the two-day workshop because as a member of our community, we can have a positive role to play in creating a new way forward in relationships between Aboriginal peoples and Canadians.”
Right from the beginning of the workshop I felt welcome.  It felt like coming home, which I think was is possible because the Aboriginal Peoples have a powerful way to convey their creation-centered spirituality beliefs and practices.  Their prayers, songs, and healing rituals were so comforting and resonated profoundly with me so much that I would dare to say that I probably was a member of the First Nations in a past life. 

Through my experience in this dialogue, my increased understanding of Indian Residential Schools, and my calling as a queer nun, I am committed to engage other members of our Abbey, professional colleagues, peers, friends and family members about the facts, history and impact of the residential schools.  I will also participate in the Vancouver Walk for Reconciliation on September 22, 2013.  The walk will bring people from all of Canada’s many cultures together in a mass walk, in demonstration of a shared commitment to reconciliation.  I invite you to join me in both of these ventures.

One Joy, More Joy, Always Joy!!  And the Joy is multiplied when shared.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

January Marie Lapuz Remembered and Cries for Justice

The members of the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence joined the Transtastic Coalition for Equality and members of New Westminster's Trans, gay, lesbian and bisexual communities in a rally to remember January Marie Lapuz and to call for justice for everyone in our communities, especially those whose gender identity and expression don't fit into our society's polarized view of gender.

January was a much loved member of the community in New Westminster.  Several of her friends spoke of how deeply January had touched them and the support she so freely offered them.

In addition to remembering January, those gathered also called for justice for and greater understanding of all gender variant, transgender, transsexual, two spirit, and intersexual individuals.  When Sr. Merry Q. Contrary, the Abbey's Reverend Mother, addressed the rally, she called for a world where we all learn to approach difference from a place of curiosity rather than judgement.

The members of the Abbey send their thoughts and prayers to the friends and loved ones of January and stand proudly with all people seeking justice and building understanding of gender variant, transgender, transsexual, two spirit, and intersexual individuals.

For more information see The Straight's coverage of the rally at

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vancouver Sisters Art Competition

The Vancouver Sisters are seeking submissions of visual art for our upcoming condom campaign. We are looking for digital and traditional art that best represent our theme of sex positivity.

Of the submissions, three will be selected as finalists. All finalists will have their art featured on the covers of our condom packages and have a chance to win cash and gift packages!


The theme for submissions is sex positivity. As an additional subtheme, we encourage art that takes inspiration from artistic styles that are usually associated with religious imagery.

Entries must be submitted digitally. Submissions can be in the form of digital art, traditional paintings and drawings, photography, or a combination of those mediums.

Entries will be judged according to artistic merit, creativity, and interpretation of the theme.

Please send a digital entry to
- if creating an original digital piece, please make sure the file is 300 dpi or above, suggested size 11x17
- we will also accept photographs of traditionally done artworks, please be prepared to send a print-quality photo

Deadline for submissions is September 15th.

All finalists will have their art and info featured on our condom packs

One grand prize: $200 cash
Two runner-up packages valued at $125 each

The Sisters are all about fun that is healthy and informed. Keeping in tradition with Orders around the World, the YVR Sisters will be creating condom packages that educate, encourage, and entertain safer sex techniques.

The packages will include information on how to negotiate safer sex and practical advice on how to take care of yourself and your partner(s).

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a group of 21st Century Queer Nuns who have taken vows to spread joy, expiate stigmatic guilt, and be of service to their community. In Vancouver, the Sisters focus their work on HIV/AIDS and homelessness in the queer community.

Submit any questions any inquires to Sister Sweet CherriBum at